Every time fresh

If your business is to deliver the freshest produce then Woolcool is for you. Woolcool liners are produced using 100% pure wool. They have a proven track record within the food industry as the trusted performance insulated packaging solution that delivers perishable goods in perfect condition.

Superior Performance

Rigorous testing to industry standards in our own environmental chambers supported by independent trials consistently proves that Woolcool insulated packaging maintains food contents at their required temperature for longer than conventional materials.

Woolcool has also been independently proven to keep food contents below the all important 5°c for at least 24 hours. Superior insulation means fewer ice packs are necessary, making Woolcool pouches ideal for inclusion in ambient hampers and for individual, speciality food deliveries.


Total Solution

We specially designed a standard range of Woolcool insulated packaging for direct deliveries of a whole host of chilled and frozen foods including meat boxes, fresh fish and seafood, cheeses and deli items, fresh fruit and veg, gourmet menus and ready meals. Of course, Woolcool also keeps products warm too!

Woolcool pouches are ideal for sending one or two speciality food items in the post or within an ambient food box or hamper. Alternatively, Woolcool postal packs are available in A3 or A4 size or long enough to fit a whole salmon. Both products are made from white recyclable LDPE with an extra secure 15mm self-adhesive strip. Woolcool pouches are also available with clip-together handles as ready-to-go cool bags.


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