Bespoke Range

Bespoke for big business

Our Woolcool team has an award-winning track record in designing custom made wool insulated packaging for a wide range of temperature sensitive products. We already supply Woolcool PharmaGrade to leading names in the dental and veterinary pharmaceutical sectors in the UK such as Henry Schein Inc., Dental Directory and MedFx.

Innovate together

Using Woolcool technology we work closely with clients to develop high performance, sustainable and cost effective insulated cold chain packaging solutions. All our packaging products are rigorously tested to meet the challenges of cold chain logistics and we can provide quantifiable performance data to assist with GDP legislation compliance.

In short…


Woolcool can be custom-made to fit your existing packaging


Woolcool will strengthen your brand.

Logistical Solution

Woolcool is the solution for complex cold chain logistics.


Woolcool will meet your sustainability targets for packaging.


Woolcool outperforms.

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